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What The Fat (WTF)

Visit What the Fat is hosted by cutting-edge researcher and author of The Ketogenic Bible, Ryan Lowery, Ph.D. (c).

Tune in as he brings insight on how to optimally live a low carbohydrate lifestyle through inspiration, science, and practical application with thought leaders from around the world.    For more insight and information on how to live an optimized life, visit 


Apr 1, 2020

Episode #129



What if it were possible to train your brain like you train your muscles at the gym? There are numerous biohacking tips and tricks to improve brain health that are simply overlooked.  On this episode of What The Fat, I sit down and discuss neurological health with Dr. Andrew Hill. Dr. Hill is a...

Mar 11, 2020

Episode #128


In this episode of What The Fat, I sit down with Christina Curp, better known as Castaway Kitchen.  At 29 years old and 2 years postpartum, Cristina hit rock bottom with her health. On top of an inflammatory skin condition she had lived with for years, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, she began to...

Feb 6, 2020

Episode #127


Time Stamps

1:25 Growing Up Fast & Wanting To Be Faster

3:58 Jame’s Experience Going To College 

5:16 Journey To The Olympics

7:23 Being The Underdog

9:05 Experience (Or Lack Thereof) With Sponsorships 

12:03 The Accident That Changed Everything

19:05 Rehab & Getting Back To Training 


Jan 23, 2020

Episode #126


Time Stamps

1:32 Gerard’s Rough Start

4:19 Drug Addition & The Moment That Changed His Life

6:15 Partying, Re-hab, And Getting Help

8:50 Discovering Plant Medicine

10:15 First Psychedelic Vision

12:18 Unlocking Repressed Memories

13:55 Rythmia Coming To Fruition

16:15 Responding To Critics

18:58 The...

Dec 2, 2019

Episode #125


This is the time of year that people tend to slow down, but I believe in ramping it up. It is these last few days before the end of a decade that will separate those who will succeed and those who will fail. That being said, success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. While I believe you should...